How to Become a Better Leader?

While they say some people are born leaders, there isn’t any shortage of people who have set a great example as a leader, such as Indian entrepreneurs like Kartikeya Sharma iTV, simply by improving their leadership skills with time.

Now though you obviously can’t do anything about not being born leader, you can certainly do many things to improve your leadership skills.  The below given seem to be some of the most effective ways of improving your leadership skills and developing management skills.


Being what you want your team to be

Well, this is quite simple. You can’t really expect your team members to be punctual if you have a habit of being always late. Similarly, they may not feel motivated enough to work effectively throughout the day while at work if you tend to do a lot of non-work related things during the work hours.


What we are trying to convey is that your team would usually look up to you for developing their behavior at work. If you want to make sure your team follows certain rules, works in a productive way and become more productive, you may first want to do all of that yourself to set the example.

Similarly, if there are a few things that you think just cannot be tolerated, say like keeping a client on hold to attend a personal call, make sure it reflects in your behavior and attitude towards those things.

Making your team feel involved

Some leaders seem to be having a very bad habit of trying to take all the credit themselves when a project turns successful. This can disappoint your team big time, especially if they have contributed significantly as well.

Hence, to keep them motivated and involved, it’s always important to give credit where it’s due. In fact, if someone praises you for the things you did, or your leadership skills, you may still want to give some credit to your team as well. This can be very motivating for them.

Communicate effectively

If you don’t bother communicating much with your employees even when it comes to work related tasks, there may turn out to be a huge gap between what you wanted to achieve and what you ended up achieving.

It’s probably a must for a leader to be able to communicate effectively and in a positive manner with their team when it comes to discussing work related topics. This will also help you achieve life work balance, you had always thought of.

Effective communication ensures your team is clearly aware of what they need to work on to achieve the desired results.

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