Effective Tips for a Better Work and Life Balance

Nowadays, it’s not common for employees to burn themselves out for meeting the “extra” requirements at work. While some may simply refuse to devote any extra time to their work, the frequent layoffs and job-cuts make most employees feel that it may not be the right approach towards developing a healthy work and life balance.


But that doesn’t mean you have to forget your life. You may simply take some tips from how well-known leaders like CEO Anand Mishra (an Indian entrepreneur) go about balancing work and family.


That said, apparently, the below given are some of the things that form the core of their healthy work and life balance.



Getting rid of time-wasting activities



You will be surprised how much time you waste on things that really shouldn’t have a place in your life. Ranging from checking out others’ Facebook profiles to arguing with some stranger over the internet just because they don’t agree with your views on something, there are many such activities that are outright unproductive and make your life more stressful.


Hence, you may simply want to get rid of such activities from your life, so that you end up with more time that you can turn into “quality time”.


Getting more organized


Again, this can be a simple but highly effective way of having more time available to spend off work. If you find that replying to emails is taking too much of your time and keeping you busy all the time even while you’re off work, you may simply decide to check them every few hours and reply them in bunch instead of trying to reply as soon as you receive them.


Working smarter, not harder



Most employees seem to believe that the success mantra is to simply work as hard as you can. While working hard may be required for achieving your goals, it may not be enough. In fact, many times, it may not even be needed as well.


A great way of trying to work smarter is to give yourself a certain amount of time to do a particular task, and finishing it within that time. This way, you will be more productive and won’t waste much time on unnecessary things.


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