How to Not Be Shy Around Guys


You don’t feel too confident at all; you seem unable to find the right words at the right time; you blush at even the most innocent compliment. If this reflect your situation, you might be wondering: “What can I do to learn how not to be shy around guys?”. Should you passively wait for the guy you like to approach you? Or should you send signals to let him know you are waiting for his next step? In this article Anand Mishra India News, we will take a look at some actionable tips you can use to get over your shyness with guys and start being more assertive around them.


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1- Accept your “flaws” and turn them into something positive:


You might be shy around guys because you don’t like some aspects of your appearance of personality, and you feel guys will feel the same way. That is a very false assumption. The things you don’t like about yourself might be very well things that make you unique in the eyes of guys.


2-Smile more:


Smiling is the universal signal of friendliness. If you are shy, you probably haven’t been smiling enough. From now on, force yourself to smile more in public. It might come unnatural at first, but with practice, you’ll start to get used to expressing yourself in this way. Frequent smiling will not only relax you and diminish your anxiety levels, but will also make you seem more approachable, and shyer guys will be less intimidated to take the first step and strike up a conversations with you (yes, many men are also shy around women!).




3- Make more eye contact:


After smiling, eye contact is probably the second most important thing you should try to master in order to show friendliness. A shy person typically avoids eye contact, but unfortunately that can send the wrong message to the other person. For example, if you are shy around a guy that you like, you might be particularly prone to avoid eye contact with him out of nervousness, and he can interpret this as a signal that you don’t like him at all.


Make a conscious effort to start making more eye contact with people, and it will quickly start coming naturally to you, when around people in general or a guy that you like.